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Keeping cryptocurrencies safe is always an issue that most people care about. You may not make that amount increase, but be sure to keep it safe and avoid theft and damage. In fact, protecting cryptocurrencies is not difficult if you take care and know how to do it.


Store most of your cryptocurrency in a cold wallet

When thinking about virtual currency wallets, cold wallets are always the first choice. You can own many types of wallets, including hot and cold wallets, but most of the money must be kept in cold wallets, leaving a little for regular spending in hot wallets. Because there is no internet connection, cold wallets are not at risk of hacking.


Never share a private key

The best thing to keep your account safe is not to share your private key with anyone. In particular, do not store private keys in an Internet-connected environment, there is a risk of intrusion such as gmail, other document storage services.


Backup the private key of an electronic wallet and store it in a safe place

Because the private key is known only to you, if you lose or physically damage you will lose your account. To prevent these unfortunate events from happening, it is best to back up your private keys and keep them in a safe place.


Complying with network security regulations

Implementing security and safety measures for your computer during the management and transaction process is that you have taken 1 step to protect your account from cyber threats. These are basic principles, not too difficult for you to do such as: install anti-virus software, do not click on links or unknown attachments, …

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